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El Toro Loco

The eccentric local Mexican Restaurant.


El Toro Loco was a new business that was just getting started with their marketing when they reached out to us. As such, a website was a a digital marketing essential that we wanted to create for them to get them started. We designed the site to match the Mexican influence of their establishment. The colors, font, and image choice were all done strategically to further solidify the El Toro Loco brand. 

Design & Print

Managed El Toro Loco for their designs & print materials. We went through different phases of designs for the menus up until we came to a final design that captured the essence of the local Mexican restaurant.

Social Media

A major part of a restaurant’s impact in the online space is having a strong social media presence. El Toro Loco decided to have a Facebook and Instagram to compliment their website and maximize opportunities to increase interest in the local Mexican restaurant and bar.


Having appealing visual designs for the website and social media isn’t the only thing that affects visibility for a business on the internet. El Toro Loco’s text on the website are planned based on relevant keywords, which is on-page SEO.